roolku's DVD Profiler skin

based on Disc-Flipper's "Rainbow of Doom" (no longer available from his site)
with modifications by ya_shin (DVD Profiler 2.x)
with modifications by Mithirandir and Doombear (previously known as Disc-Flipper) (DVD Profiler 3.x)


roolku's skin is still one of the best skins available for DVDProfiler. It's a one page design which allows to view the entire profile on the screen. The latest version was 2.19 and can be found on his "Roolku's DVD Profiler Skin (based on Rainbow of Doom)" page. Since the release of DVDProfiler 2.3.1 (build 826) allows the inclusion of Crew information, it was necessary to adjust the skin. Unfortunately roolku had not mentioned if he will update the skin at all.

Therefore I eventually decided to try doing this myself. Adding the crew in the main (internal) skin was fairly easy; I just copied the related code from RHo's skin (which can be found on the RHo DVD Profiler Page; I now permanently use his RHo comparision skin, as it allows to conveniently view the Contribution Notes while previewing profile updates). The hard part was to adjust the screen layout. After an endless back and fourth through the code I finally (almost) understood how it worked and got it done.

The only thing that didn't seem to work was the headshots function for directors. User "Mastersyl" helped me out with this... I also want to mention user hal9g, being the first tester...

As a further change I added support for the UPC to link to the Contribution Notes. When the little logo appears, that an update is available, it is now possible to click on the UPC to open the Contribution Notes in a new IE window. (This code is yet again ripped from RHo's skin. However, in NO WAY does roolku's skin substitute RHo comparision skin for update previews...)

After above changes were done, I "released" the skin as (The version number was only changed to 2.19c (my changes accounting for "a" and "c", Mastersyl's adjustments for "b"), as, even though it had taken quite some time, the changes were quite minor and more of a cut & paste.)

With LOTS of try & error I then went ahead to give the whole skin an overhaul. Previously only the "internal" (used within DVD Profiler) elements had been adjusted, but the External skin is the one that yielded much better results for the downloads. But finally it got done and I could upload it to the web.

Upon release of DVD Profiler 3.0 user Doombear (a.k.a Disc-Flipper, the original author of the skin) created a Layout based on roolku's design (release version 1.28) which is available from the Invelos Layouts Download page. The Layout lacked the additional functions of roolku's skin, so he asked for help though, to re-incorporate those. Mithirandir stepped in and brought the updated Layout back to it's original functionality (based on release version 2.20).


for DVD Profiler 2.x:

Dutch translation: (from user Martin_Zuidervliet)
Screenshot of the "internal skin"
Screenshot of the "external skin"

REQUIREMENTS: Java Runtime Environment must be installed
INSTALLATION: Copy the Zip file to the DVD Profiler 2.x installation directory. Unzip it, making sure to allow it to recurse the subdirectory structure.
If you are using Sun's Java, copy the \classes subfolder to the root of the Java installation folder.
USE: Make sure you read all the readme files on how to use the skin. If roolku's and my description still appear fuzzy and you still have question or if you need to report a problem, you can e-mail me. My e-mail address can be found in the readme.txt...

New features / changes since skin version 2.19:

(all code in the internal and external skin has been adjusted to work with Credits now)

Further improvements (by me) to this version of roolku's skin are not planned.

for DVD Profiler 3.x:


REQUIREMENTS: Java Runtime Environment must be installed
INSTALLATION: Copy  Roolku's Skin v2_32.dpl  to the \Layouts folder (should be found in  %My Documents%\DVD Profiler\  or equivalent). Create a subfolder callded \roolku and copy  roolku.css  and  roolku.js  to there.
The files  roolku.class  and  roolkuDownload.class  must be copied to the \classes subfolder of of the Java installation. If you are using Sun's Java, this folder is in the root of the Java installation, e.g.  C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11 , for MS Java it is in  C:\Windows\Java\classes . In either case the \classes folder may not exist yet and you must create it first.

New features / changes in 2.32 since skin version 2.20:

NEW  Fixes / additions in 2.33:

(external skin no longer (currently not...?) available)

If you have questions regarding the layout, you can post them in the Roolku Layout for v3 thread.